VEGA LWA Extended: Until June 2017

VEGA LWA Extended: Until June 2017

On July 11, 2014, USAID issued a three-year, $100 million extension to the VEGA Leader with Associate (LWA) award. The extension provides USAID Missions the opportunity to issue Associate Awards under the LWA until June 2017.
Global Partners - Local Solutions

Global Partners - Local Solutions

A global leader in combating poverty and promoting sustainable economic growth in emerging markets.
Turning Opportunities into Enterprises

Turning Opportunities into Enterprises

Harnessing the passion of volunteers to empower entrepreneurs to jumpstart their businesses and improve local and national economies.

About VEGA

The Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance envisions a world in which all people have access to sustainable economic opportunities.

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Programs & Regions

Our member organizations have worked on VEGA programs in 25 countries around the world that created sustainable change in diverse areas of economic growth.


USAID created VEGA

Since its procurement in 2004, VEGA has promoted citizen diplomacy and allowed USAID Missions easy access to the resources of 23 major U.S. volunteer organizations focused on international economic growth.

  • 2004
  • 23
  • 2014

U.S. Organizations

VEGA is a member owned nonprofit


Highly-skilled volunteers are integrated seamlessly into overall program implementation

Highly-skilled volunteers are integrated seamlessly into overall program implementation

The focused expertise of volunteers is carefully matched to overall program goals and specific beneficiary needs to ensure achievement of measurable and sustainable results.

Members compete for each Associate Award

An independent panel of technical experts plus a representative from the USAID Mission or donor conduct a competitive review process.

  • Panel of Tech. ExpertsPanel of Tech. Experts
  • Donor Rep.Donor Rep.

VEGA has a fast and direct procurement mechanism

  • 75 days Max number of days VEGA needed to process awards
  • 160-225 days Number of days needed to procure full and open RFAs and RFPs

We provide a fast, cost-effective, and efficient method for putting programs into the field, monitoring their effectiveness, and sharing their results. Our alliance accomplishes more than any one organization can do alone.



Dollars USAID Saved

We have saved US taxpayers $28,300,000 by utilizing highly skilled volunteers in place of consultants to meet specialized program needs.



VEGA has earned over $275 million in Program Funding during its 10 year history.

% of Implementation

% of Implementation

  • 15% Volunteer
  • 85% Staff/Consultant

What’s New

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