About VEGA

Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) brings together its 29 member NGOs and their networks of more than 100,000 highly skilled volunteers to partner with USAID to efficiently and effectively generate sustainable economic growth in the developing world. Over the past dozen years as an independent, non-partisan non-profit consortium, VEGA has made a lasting impact by improving lives. On 58 programs in 46 countries representing $354 million in U.S. foreign assistance, VEGA has saved more than $31 million taxpayer dollars and more than doubled the value through cost share and leverage, including more than 39,000 days of volunteer service.

VEGA was founded in 2004 as a procurement partner responsive to a call from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for a consortium to coordinate highly skilled volunteers into economic growth programs.

VEGA Members each bring unique people, programming expertise, ideas, and breadth to the Alliance that allows VEGA programs to scale in new and exciting ways.

Based in Washington, D.C., we manage programs all over the developing world.

Our programs aim to build the capacity of local organizations to scale services, create jobs, increase commerce and trade, improve management, and form sustainable partnerships.

Expert volunteers from the U.S. participate in our programs. These individuals typically have several decades of experience and bring to the programs a passion and productivity that are unmatched.

We share the successful stories and impact from our members’ programs, contributing to conversations that advance best practices in international development.

Our program start-up model can be utilized by government agencies, private sector partners, and other organizations to mobilize technical assistance for economic growth programs.

We believe that increasing economic growth is the best way to help people lift themselves out of poverty and improve their quality of life. That’s why our programs are committed to serving women, youth, and others who are ready to be entrepreneurs or learn new business skills.