VEGA Value

VEGA represents a diverse and growing network of Member organizations with both outstanding economic growth expertise and broad experience in 150 countries around the globe.

As an alliance, VEGA achieves scale and impact beyond what any one Member can deliver on its own.

By integrating highly-skilled business and professional volunteers into our programs, we promote citizen diplomacy and impart technical wisdom from a practitioner’s perspective. Our volunteers bring a passion and perspective to programs that is unparalleled, and share information about their experiences back home in their communities.

For Our Clients / Partners:

We ensure professional program management from pre-design phases to impact assessments. Our team can design, compete, evaluate, award, monitor, and report on funds and activities to ensure each program achieves its objectives.

We provide a cost-effective solution because we can utilize our network of expert volunteers in place of paid consultants to achieve the same or better results.

For Our Members:

We serve as an honest broker for subgrant management and provide a funding mechanism by which Members can compete against and partner with other VEGA Members for projects.

We are a learning organization that shares successes and tactics from the field that can improve current and future Member programs.

We help to forge stronger partnerships between the government agencies, private institutions, and our members to create and implement programs.

We enhance our members’ visibility through marketing and outreach activities.

We provide business intelligence so that our members can innovate and take advantage of the next big ideas in international development.

For Our Beneficiaries / Local Partners:

We help local organizations build their own capacity. Our beneficiaries scale-up and improve the quality of their products and services.

We channel best practices and innovative solutions to local partners through our use of expert volunteer practitioners.

We foster long-term partnerships with local partners that are designed to empower them and build sustainability for their businesses and services.

We provide mentoring, knowledge exchange, and organizational development that addresses specific needs, so that local partners can take ownership of the process.

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