VEGA supports the care and management of earth’s natural resources. Our work in this area supports the health of the planet while striving toward our objectives to increase people’s food and incomes.
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Powering African Agriculture

VEGA Members participate in the Power Africa initiative through our Powering African Agriculture program.

This program ensures that clean energy technologies are used effectively to increase agricultural productivity. We are focused on increasing household incomes in Kenya through the use of geothermal and solar technologies instead of traditional agricultural fuel sources.

Our approach is helping the Kenyans to adopt and commercialize renewable energy.

Regulatory Compliance

Many of our programs have an environmental component so that, even if they are not focused on an environmental objective, we remain committed to business practices that combat climate change.

We conduct environmental impact assessments as part of our programs. This ensures that all of our programs heed USAID climate change and environmental standards.


Program Value


Global Priorities

USAID’s objective is to help developing countries increase sustainable economic growth while they also become climate resilient and produce lower emissions.

USAID’s climate strategy has three objectives—Adaptation, Integration and Mitigation—and supporting these objectives, three priority types of activity—Adaptation, Clean Energy and Sustainable Landscapes.


Per USAID, global energy demand is expected to rise 30 percent by 2035, led by demand growth in developing countries.

Energy efficient clean technologies can expand energy access, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and even lower energy costs while supporting economic growth.

Financial barriers can discourage the uptake of clean energy. And this is where VEGA can help.


VEGA programs heed best practices for climate change.

VEGA programs can encompass a wide array of environmental components.

Clean Energy

  • We conduct studies, design projects, and create financing mechanisms for geothermal and solar energy programs
  • We can perform training to help people install and repair clean energy technologies

Ecosystem Services

  • We help local partners by designing decision-making and planning tools

Forestry & Natural Resource Management

  • We can help to ensure that forests continue to grow and thrive with good management
  •  We provide training on forest monitoring techniques to natural resources groups.
  • We help cooperatives, conservation management organizations, civil society organizations, and government officials understanding local and national forest codes

Climate Change Adaptation

  • We promote climate-smart agriculture
  • We educate government officials and local community leaders on how to take maintain their precious natural resources, and help societies adapt to using renewable energy, including solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower
  • We disseminate new technologies, including cleaner cook stoves and biogas
  • We train people to understand early warning systems and how to reduce risk from natural disasters that may be slow to develop

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