Whether working directly on financial services through a bank or regulatory program or assisting entrepreneurs to microfinance or socially-responsible impact capital, VEGA programs are moving individuals and businesses to the formal financial sector.
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A well-run financial system is a key factor in any country’s ability to mobilize savings, make capital available and catalyze investment. Access to financial services is critical to a business’ success.

Small Business Growth

  • Innovative credit programs
  • Deal flow development
  • Portfolio value creation
  • Investment staff training
  • Facilitating women’s access to credit
  • Mobile technology payment systems
  • Delivering access to finance for rural and agricultural business owners
  • Providing innovative instruments in rural areas
  • Working on financial sector reform to ensure sustainable growth and consumer protection

Expanding Access to Finance

  • Agricultural credit and loan programs
  • Loan guarantee facilities
  • Facilitating the flow of socially-responsible impact capital, venture capital, & small equity investments
  • Commercial bank structural reform to strengthen or adopt risk management, capital adequacy requirements and prudential regulations to move away from traditional, collateral-based lending
  • Specialized lending technologies and credit information systems
  • Policy level work with central banks to strengthen legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks for business and financial sector institutions.

Promoting Capital Market Development

  • Working with business associations, governments and stock exchanges to implement new regulations and legislation
  • Reduce risk
  • Bring management operations in line with international standards

Combating Money Laundering and Financial Crime

  • Creating systems to detect and identify suspicious activity in the banking sector
  • Training bank staff in Anti-Money Laundering practices
  • Developing new legislation and regulations
  • Supporting new financial intelligence units

Nearly every VEGA program addresses the need for secure, accessible financial systems to support development.

Strengthening Markets

VEGA’s efforts focus on strengthening markets through expanding access to credit, capital, pension, and insurance.

We help people to adopt mobile money solutions such as linking to microfinance institutions, enterprise funds, and private lenders working with Development Credit Authority (DCA) guarantees.

Innovative Solutions

Our members have pioneered innovative solutions to facilitate women’s access to credit as well as Shariah-compliant solutions for the Muslim world.

Our members integrate developments in branchless banking, mobile phones, and information technology to transform the possibilities of delivering payments and other services to low- income households.


Working with central banks and supervisory/regulatory institutions to apply risk-focused supervision techniques to assess banks’ internal policies and processes to identify, measure, monitor, and control risks; and conduct transaction testing to determine a financial institution’s compliance with laws and regulations.

Development Credit Authority

Our members have a strong record of success providing financial services expertise in developing markets. For example, IESC is working to improve the lending environment for SMEs in Liberia. In just one year, they increased the number of DCA-backed borrowers with two commercial banks from zero to more than 90.

Financial Services Volunteer Corps

VEGA Member, FSVC, assists the Albanian financial sector to provide more sophisticated services and products as the economy becomes more integrated with Europe and the world.

FSVC’s program aims to strengthen risk management, create oversight for bank consolidations, improve oversight for NBFIs and expand transparency in the banking sector.

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