Our alliance offers the cross-sectoral experience we believe is necessary for successful tourism development programs. We believe that by using the “value chain approach” to building sustainable tourism industries, we will achieve the best results. This approach involved facilitating public-private partnerships between stakeholders.
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Lunch On VacationThe VEGA approach to tourism development is to create business opportunities that bring recurring benefits to local economies long after the programs end.

Local stakeholders champion these efforts.

Tourism development can play a key role in a host of economic growth areas. While several of VEGA’s members specialize in tourism development, other members help to ensure our programs’ successes by contributing in these areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Trade & investment
  • Youth & workforce development
  • Microfinance
  • Economic policy

  • Land reform
  • Bio-diversity and environmental conservation
  • Gender
  • Volunteerism
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Public utilities
  • Health
  • Safety and security
  • Service and product accreditation and standards

Our members have the capabilities to help local partners:

  • Devise government-level tourism and investment strategies
  • Create country-level policy reforms
  • Maintain or increase standards for biodiversity and environmental conservation
  • Preserve local cultures in a tourist setting

  • Develop higher education curriculums for tourism
  • Use new information and communication technologies including mapping software and geo-mapping
  • Foster growth for small and medium-sized local businesses
  • Enhance their entrepreneurial skills
  • Become better at event management and tour route development
  • Promote their tourism businesses
  • Develop links with their country’s diaspora population

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