We help businesses to become more competitive by setting up opportunities for them to gain access to new investors and sales. Our interventions inform and affect national policies to improve trade and investment in local businesses.
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Enter Global Markets

With our local partners, we explore ways to help small and medium-sized businesses to enter into global markets. Often, this includes helping them to meet high quality production standards, which might include labeling a product “organic” or simply improving the air tight packaging.

Better Businesses

Our efforts enhance product quality, increase sales, attract new business investors so that businesses can continue to grow.

New Technologies

It is not uncommon for the people we work with to start using new technologies to increase the speed of production and sales.

Over 60% of VEGA Programs have an impact on trade and investment.
One of our ultimate goals is to create jobs. And so, we often work through and with business support organizations such as chambers of commerce and trade organizations to gain support for these efforts.

We coordinate industry-wide activities with multiple participants along the value chain. We also offer consulting by providing workshops and training at the firm level.

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