Global Pro Bono: State of the Practice

By , Promoting Prosperity Worldwide

This article was originally written by Husna Ali Khan and published by PYXERA Global here. Click the link to download the full report. 

Over the last decade, companies have transitioned from ‘checkbook’ philanthropy to more strategic corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives that create shared value for the community and the business, including programs that leverage one of their core strengths: their employees. Through Global Pro Bono (GPB) programs, companies place highly skilled employees in short-term assignments with local organizations in underserved communities, working with them to build capability and capacity. In turn, these host clients are better able to address community challenges, including health, education, water and sanitation, food and nutrition, gender inclusion and empowerment, and housing, among others.

Included in this report are design questions that we have found helpful for linking specific aspects of GPB programs to the research findings. If you are new to the practice area, we hope these will help you ascertain whether or not Global Pro Bono will support one or more of your company’s strategic goals. If you are a GPB veteran, we hope the study will serve as an effective benchmark, not only for your next round of planning, but also as a way to characterize your work in the context of a broader field for your executive management, and validate why these initiatives are a win-win-win—for participants, for companies, and for the world.

Download the report here.