Hot Off the Presses: The VEGA LWA “Final” Report

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On January 19, VEGA submitted the VEGA LWA Final Report to USAID covering the 2004-2017 period. The report describes the development and economic impact of our NGO members and their expert volunteers across 46 programs in 41 countries during the 13-year life of the LWA.

The report includes an analysis of the LWA’s impact for USAID Missions and our member NGOs as a Community of Learning. Importantly, the report also draws on VEGA’s experience to articulate a number of recommendations, which will serve as a strong platform for constructive dialogue with USAID and our congressional champions in considering ways to more effectively and efficiently incorporate skilled volunteers into future U.S. foreign assistance programs.

While this is called a “Final” Report, as required by USAID, VEGA LWA programming will continue at least through 2021, as there are 12 ongoing Associate Awards and one EMDAP, any of which can be extended until the LWA’s remaining $26 million ceiling has been exhausted. While herein we mostly use the past tense, over the next three or more years, there will be many more measures of impact, success stories, lessons learned and recommendations stemming from the VEGA LWA. VEGA will continue to conduct monitoring, oversight and reporting until all VEGA LWA programs conclude.

Hint: The Overview (see below) is a short, easy-to-read version in case you aren’t able to get through the whole report and 264 pages in the Annexes.



LWA Final Report Overview