Browse and Grass Growers Cooperative Farmer-to-Farmer in Mali

Browse and Grass Growers Cooperative's Farmer-to-Farmer: Improving the Sustainability of Malian Sheep and Goat Farming Program in Mali is part of the VEGA Farmer-to-Farmer USAID-funded Special Program Support Project (SPSP).
  • Program Snapshot

  • Country: Mali
  • VEGA Lead Member: Browse and Grass Growers Cooperative
  • Objective: (1) Increase Malian farmers profits from sheep and goat raising through training and the implementation of sustainable practices. (2) Coordinate with partners and hosts to ensure the project activities meet the unique training and information needs of sheep and goat farmers.
  • Timeline: March 23, 2015-March 22, 2016
  • Volunteers: 10
DSCF6215 (3)

DSCF6215 (3)

Through the Farmer-to-Farmer: Improving the Sustainability of Malian Sheep and Goat Farming Program, volunteers will train Malian sheep and goat farmers in improved nutrition, breeding, health and livestock management techniques. Volunteers will assist producer cooperatives in two regions: Koulikoro and Sikasso. These two regions have complementary strengths and would benefit from increased connections among their sheep and goat farmers. Through this coordinated effort at the production and the organizational level, Malian farmers have the potential to increase their incomes from the sale of livestock products.

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