EMDAP to Support Strengthening Business Associations for Reform (SEBAR) Program

Through the Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program (EMDAP), IIE is providing support to USAID and its partners.
  • Program Snapshot

  • Country: Indonesia
  • VEGA Lead Member: Institute of International Education (IIE)
  • Objective: To support USAID initiatives in Public-Private Economic Development through advisers in Indonesia who work for the American Chamber of Commerce in Jakarta (AmCham) and USAID-Indonesia’s Program Coordination Office to streamline services and expand AmCham’s membership and implement a more robust strategy for economic growth.
  • Volunteers: 13
  • Theme: Local Capacity Development
Chen 4

EMDAP Adviser Yvonne Chen with colleagues in Indonesia.

Chen 2

Chen 3

Chen 1

At an American Chamber of Commerce event in Indonesia.

Goolda Siahaan 1

EMDAP Advisers Patrick Tangkau and Goolda Siahaan participating in a presentation.

Goolda Siahaan 2

EMDAP Adviser Goolda Siahaan with participants at a workshop.

Goolda Siahaan 3

EMDAP Advisers Patrick Tangkau and Goolda Siahaan with colleagues.

Goolda Siahaan 4

EMDAP Advisers Patrick Tangkau and Goolda Siahaan at a SEBAR project event.

There are currently three advisers serving in Indonesia through September 2014.

Yvonne Chen, EMDAP Advisor

Yvonne Chen, EMDAP Advisor

Ms. Yvonne Chen assists business associations, primarily the American Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Employers Association of Indonesia (APINDO), and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industries’ (KADIN), in promoting a healthy investment and business climate for domestic and foreign investors in Indonesia. Her mission that falls under SEBAR is a piece of the overarching SEADI program that aims to strengthen Indonesia’s research capabilities in the public and private sectors.

The focus of Ms. Chen’s activities will be helping the associations to analyze key issues and advocate for reforms that will accelerate and make more inclusive Indonesia’s economic growth, through both economic development and private sector lenses.

Mr. Goolda Siahaan started working at the APINDO in February, 2012. His primary tasks are to assist the SEBAR program in Indonesia sponsored by USAID and to promote a healthy investment and business climate for domestic and foreign investors in Indonesia.

Goolda Siahaan, EMDAP Advisor

Goolda Siahaan, EMDAP Advisor

He has undertaken a number of assignments based on SEBAR projects and APINDO activities in research activities. On the SEBAR team, Mr. Siahaan has been cooperating with AmCham Indonesia and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN) to conduct joint policy research. Mr. Siahaan produces position papers with the SEBAR team. As a part of his work in supporting research activities, he also participates in meetings, seminars, workshops or discussions with various institutions, both formally and informally.

Mr. Patrick Tangkau is working as part of the USAID-sponsored SEBAR team at the KADIN and has been cooperating with the other EMDAP Advisers in APINDO and AmCham conducting joint policy research.

His research focuses on certain laws that the employer association considers as a hindrance for foreign investment in Indonesia. The results of his research will be used as suggestions for the government to adjust the law so it will benefit Indonesia’s business environment. At the same time, this joint research will also strengthen the cooperation between KADIN, APINDO, AmCham and the GOI.

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