FAMU F2F Climate Smart Agricultural Development Project

  • Program Snapshot

  • Country: India
  • VEGA Lead Member: Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University (FAMU) under VEGA SPSP
  • Objective: Work with farmers to improve knowledge around climate smart practices.
  • Timeline: 10/2017-06/2018
  • Local Partners:

    Vivekanand Research and Training Institute


Florida A&M University’s India Farmer-to-Farmer Climate Smart Agricultural Development Project follows on from their successful 2016 project in the same area (Gujarat State). One of the major barriers to increased productivity for local farmers is the high salinity of soil and water. Ten volunteers will work with local partner VRTI (the Vivekanand Research and Training Institute), to establish a “Climate Smart” demonstration farm and train VRTI technicians to conduct basic soil and water analyses in support of local farmers. The demonstration farm will provide research and extension services and will be a location where new or alternative crop varieties can be tested under local conditions, and will allow farmers to participate in hands-on demonstrations to learn about new technologies and climate-resilient production methods. With these new tools to understand and deal with high salinity, the project aims to help local farmers increase their productivity.

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