FAMU Farmer-to-Farmer Special Program Support Project

  • Program Snapshot

  • Country: Haiti
  • VEGA Lead Member: Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University (FAMU)
  • Objective: Empower women smallholder farmers and youths to be more effective producers of food and stewards of natural resources.
  • Timeline: 3/2014-3/2015
  • Local Partners:

    Universite Caraibe

FAMU F2F volunteer Ms. Djanan Nemours (Tallahassee FL) and Trevor Hylton with UC youth Group
FAMU F2F volunteers Chester Bunker (Nashville,NC) and Roman Bunker (Los Angeles, CA) with UC students_Haiti
UC mentor with Farmers Group members_Haiti 1

FAMU Farmer-to-Farmer project empowered local women small farmers, which indirectly improved the livelihood of their communities. Working with a local partner, Universite Caraibe, FAMU Farmer-to-Farmer project improved the knowledge, skills and productivity of local women farmers and youth beneficiaries in sustainable agriculture, natural resource production, and the use of improved technologies, increased agriculture mentor and advisory services, increased fresh vegetables and legumes in the diet of local beneficiary families, increased income through local markets sales and decreased household risk profile for women beneficiaries due to sustainable agriculture knowledge, crop diversification, new market outlets, and creation of household savings.

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