Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) in Colombia’s Orinoquia Region

The Farmer-to-Farmer in Colombia's Orinoquia Region is part of the VEGA Farmer-to-Farmer USAID-funded Special Program Support Project (SPSP)
  • Program Snapshot

  • Country: Colombia
  • VEGA Lead Member: Purdue University
  • Objective: Promote rural development to support a sustainable and economically equitable peace in the Orinoquia region of Colombia, through integrated volunteer technical assistance to Colombian farmers.
  • People Impacted: 7,000
  • Timeline: September 1, 2014- September 30, 2017
  • Volunteers: 40
  • Local Partners:

    Association of Municipalities of Ariari (AMA), Farm School of Altillanura, The University of Los Llanos, Asorinoquia

  • Theme: Agriculture, Sustainable Economic Development, Value chains

Local farmers walking through their aloe vera fields, a unique crop to be grown in the region with high market demand.

Beneficiaries, from Columbia's Altillanura Region, express their excitement about the project and anticipated arrival of Farmer-to-Farmer volunteers.

Local farmer, and beneficiary, presents how she has increased the soil fertility through organic farming.

Beneficiary, Lilian, shares her homemade yogurt with VEGA and Unillanso staff, made from her successful family run dairy farm.

The inequitable distribution of land has been one of the root causes of the conflict in Colombia for the last 50 years. This project addresses the need for rural development through direct support for smallholder farmers which follows three sub-objectives:

1.         Farm productivity to increase yields: Improved agricultural productivity through sustainable agricultural practices and natural resource management. Volunteers will work with smallholder farmers to help improve productivity and pass more effective techniques and improved skills to other farmers.

2.         Processing and Markets: Strengthened regional agricultural economy through value-added processing and sustainable innovations along the value chain. Volunteers will provide technical assistance in agricultural processing, introducing new agricultural products, and marketing.

3.          Enhanced Networks: Create new and strengthen existing networks to support small farms and markets for local food systems

Additionally, new development objectives are being introduced in this project. Firstly, the project supports the peace and stability through promotion of the sustainable and equitable rural development (USAID Colombia strategy) in a former conflict region. Secondly, supporting smallholders’ ability to identify and implement sustainable best practices and to help promote climate-smart agricultural (CSA) practices.

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