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Farmer-to-Farmer Program

The Farmer-to-Farmer Program promotes sustainable economic growth, food security and agricultural development worldwide. Volunteers include US farmers, as well as people from agribusinesses, cooperatives, and universities help developing countries improve productivity, access new markets, build local capacity, combat climate change and conserve environmental and natural resources.
  • Program Snapshot

  • Country: Since it started, volunteers have completed programs in over 110 countries.
  • Objective: The Program is funded through the US Farm Bill to assist developing countries, middle-income countries, emerging markets, sub-Saharan African countries, and Caribbean Basin countries to increase farm production and incomes.
  • Timeline: October 2013 - October 2018
  • Volunteers: Over 16,000 volunteers have served since 1985.
  • Theme: Agriculture and Food Security
F2F Overview Video

CNFA produced a short video highlighting the United States Agency for International Development's Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program. F2F promotes sustainable economic growth, food security, and agricultural development worldwide. CNFA currently implements the Farmer-to-Farmer program in Southern Africa.

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Partners of the Americas Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer working a seed project.

Winrock F2F

Winrock Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer, Mickey Foley, training CMES technicians on improved mushroom production.

ACDI-VOCA-F2F-Ghana (2)

ACDI/VOCA Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer, Mathew Wolverton, with the Dekaworwor Rice Growers Association representatives.

Request for Applications:
Farmer-to-Farmer PDP in Ghana

Release Date January 28, 2016

The VEGA (Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance) Farmer-to-Farmer Special Program Support Project (SPSP) is seeking applicants for a Program Development Project (PDP) to implement a Ghana Sanitary and Phytosanitary Systems Strengthening Project (SPSSP). This Project will be funded by the USAID Mission to Ghana Trade Africa Expansion (TAE) Initiative Program. Applicants are invited to propose projects that incorporate or adapt the activities with the use of volunteer technical assistance as described in the Program Description found in Section I.6 of this RFA. The activity may be funded at up to $2,857,140, subject to availability of funding from USAID and to acceptable performance and progress. The activity shall be focused, with rapid start-up and intensive implementation. The project shall be completed by September 15, 2018.
Please refer to the link below for details.

Farmer-to-Farmer Program Development Project in Ghana Request for Applications

Request for Applications:
Farmer-to-Farmer Small Grants Program

Release Date January 27, 2016

VEGA’s Farmer-to-Farmer Special Program Support Project is currently accepting applications for the Farmer-to-Farmer Small Grants Program. Each Small Grant will be issued as a Fixed Amount Award (FAA) by the Farmer-to-Farmer Special Program Support Project (SPSP) with the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) and will be limited to a maximum of $150,000 per grant over a period of no more than one year.
Please refer to the link below for details.

Farmer-to-Farmer Small Grant Request for Applications (RFA)


USAID & F2F logo (2)To learn more about Farmer-to-Farmer visit:



The Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program promotes sustainable economic growth, food security and agricultural development worldwide. Volunteer technical assistance from US farmers, agribusinesses, cooperatives, and universities helps developing countries improve productivity, access new markets, build local capacity, combat climate change and conserve environmental and natural resources. F2F volunteers work with farmers, producer groups, rural businesses and service providers to develop local capacity necessary to increase food production and rural incomes, expand economic growth, and address environmental and natural resource management challenges. This people-to-people exchange promotes international goodwill, understanding of US foreign assistance programs and private involvement in development activities.

Program Strengths

  • Quality, cost effective technical assistance from practical, experienced specialists
  • Capacity development and technology transfer in focused value chain or sector support area
  • Citizen diplomacy that establishes long term relations, promotes goodwill, and raises understanding of international development issues.


Who Implements the Program?

The core Farmer-to-Farmer programs are implemented under LWA Cooperative Agreements. Each Agreement funds core country Farmer-to-Farmer programs in a defined geographic region, but also allows for global access for Associate Awards using voluntary technical assistance in agricultural development. You can download the capabilities statements for the LWA holders:

Farmer-to-Farmer includes a Special Program Support Project (SPSP) to test innovative approaches for use of volunteers, draw from non-traditional volunteer sources, develop capacity of non-traditional volunteer organizations, and address niche agricultural sector problems. Special projects will be implemented by voluntary technical assistance organizations as sub-awards.

Farmer-to-Farmer Program Development Projects:

Farmer-to-Farmer Small Grant Projects:


Want to Be a Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer?

Visit the implementing partners’ websites for more information about specific opportunities.

Contact Information

We are happy to answer your questions and speak with you about Farmer-to-Farmer opportunities.

Laura Alexander
Farmer-to-Farmer SPSP, Program Director

Gary Alex
Farmer-to-Farmer Agreement Officer Representative (USAID)