Sri Lanka – VEGA/BIZ+ Project (BIZ+)

VEGA/BIZ+ Project is a program in Sri Lanka focused on stimulating economic growth by providing the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises with the technical capabilities and funding required to become successful businesses.
  • Program Snapshot

  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Award Value: $17,600,000
  • VEGA Lead Member: Land O'Lakes International Development
  • Objective: To improve the economic climate, increase employment, and generate higher household incomes in the economically lagging regions of Sri Lanka.
  • People Impacted: 9,971
  • Timeline: September 2011 – July 2017 ** Program received a two-year extension and will conclude in July 2019
  • Volunteers: 25
  • Theme: Post-Conflict Countries, Local Capacity Development
Sri Lanka women

BIZ+ support to a woman-owned garment factory has resulted in jobs and training for 59 local women.


BIZ+ Chief of Party Jennifer Brinkerhoff welcomes USAID Mission Director Sherry Carlin to the grand opening of a BIZ+ supported factory.


BIZ+ supports tourism in Vavuniya through expansion of a hotel.


BIZ+ staff review expansion plans for a rice cooperative.


Trained workers demonstrate machinery purchased through a BIZ+ grant.

Success Story: A New Hotel Poised to Transform Trincomalee

Success Story: A New Hotel Poised to Transform Trincomalee

An Ice Plant Helps Thaw Jaffna’s Frozen Economy

Success Story: An Ice Plant Helps Thaw Jaffna’s Frozen Economy

Sri Lanka is at a unique stage in its history, as the country moves forward following a 25-year ethnic conflict that negatively impacted the domestic economy. Propelled by economic disparities among ethnic groups, the conflict decimated the country’s infrastructure, government institutions, business enterprises and productive assets, particularly in the former conflict affected regions.

Through the generous support of the American people through USAID, VEGA was awarded $17.6 million to lead the VEGA/BIZ+ program with Land O’Lakes in Sri Lanka, with project offices located in Batticaloa, Vavuniya, and Colombo.

VEGA/BIZ+ is a four-year economic growth program working to stimulate economic growth, job creation, and increased household incomes in the under-developed areas of Sri Lanka by providing the country’s small and medium-sized businesses with the technical know-how and financial resources they need to succeed. VEGA/BIZ+ will provide investment grants to new and existing enterprises, requiring the enterprise recipient’s 1:1 match. Each enterprise also receives strategic technical assistance to strengthen institutional capacity in addition to financial support.

Through the successful implementation of VEGA/BIZ+, Land O’Lakes will create 5,000 jobs, resulting in $4 million of annual income for vulnerable households in Sri Lanka’s North, East, and North Central Provinces. BIZ+ will provide $8 million in grants to enterprises, ranging from $50,000 to $500,000, to enterprises. In addition, Land O’Lakes will secure another $2.63 million in cost share and will leverage another $13 million from grant recipients and program partners.

Success Stories

A New Hotel Poised to Transform Trincomalee

An Ice Plant Helps Thaw Jaffna’s Frozen Economy