Become a Partner

The Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance is seeking new partnerships and funders for our programs. Our alliance provides access to a one-stop-shop where partners can take advantage of the speed with which we put programs into the field, our strong commitment to monitoring and evaluation, and the breadth of our Members’ programs in over 80 developing countries around the world.

To support our efforts to achieve economic growth for developing countries, you can get involved in a number of ways.

Become a Funding Partner

You have the opportunity to contract with VEGA to design and implement a program. Many companies find that developing economies creates new markets for their businesses, or complements their corporate social responsibility activities. We can work with you on a program that utilizes our network of highly skilled professional volunteers.

Especially for:

Become a Resource Partner

Resource Partners provide specific skill sets to VEGA programs and work in coordination with Members.

VEGA invites private firms, universities, and non-government organizations that can provide specialized skill sets or technologies to collaborate with the Alliance as a Resource Partner.