USAID Benefits

VEGA continues to provide the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with benefits that extend beyond its procurement mechanism.

Missions can still apply through September 9, 2017 to use the LWA Procurement Mechanism. Programs awarded under the VEGA LWA can continue for 5 years beyond the LWA end-date.

The series of short videos below underscores the advantages of using the VEGA LWA:

USAID Priorities

Many of VEGA’s LWA and Member projects support Agency priorities that are highlighted in our programs and success stories.

Form Public Private Alliances

Working through our members, we help USAID to combine development efforts with other private voluntary organizations, NGO’s, minority serving institutions, and small businesses.

Integrate Volunteerism

We are in a unique position to represent the value of volunteerism to the U.S. government, USAID Missions, the development community, and the American public.

We integrate volunteers into programs to accomplish defined objectives, providing USAID access to skills and a level of expertise not otherwise available in the consulting field. The normal VEGA program uses an average of 15% of total LOE with volunteers.

VEGA’s access to Members’ large volunteer pools allows us to easily adapt to USAID needs.

We love to share the benefits of volunteerism, especially the unique impacts that American volunteers have while working overseas. Our volunteers often have decades of experience within their profession, and so they bring a practitioner’s sensibility to real world problems overseas.

These volunteers act as mini-diplomats and help to spread the message of public diplomacy by acting as trusted resources for partners.

Learn more about VEGA Volunteers

Provide Compliance

Our strong management team ensures that programs meet USAID requirements at every step of the program, from the proposal process, to branding and marking, to quarterly and annual reports.

Our resource partners can design impact assessments and compliance measures to get the most out of your program.

Share Lessons Learned

Through our knowledge management channels, we disseminate information and lessons learned about programs. These lessons are distributed to the international development community as well as USAID employees and mission staff.

We market programs not only through our partnerships with Agrilinks and Microlinks, but also through social media including Facebook and Twitter.

We host discussions with our Members and present findings to USAID upon request.

During the past year, we presented our organization’s impact to the Local Capacity Development Working Group, Tourism Working Group, and to program officers from the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (E3) and the Bureau for Food Security (BFS).