The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) founded VEGA in 2004 to be a procurement partner. Ten years later, VEGA stands on its own as a respected NGO alliance of member organizations. From our unique position, we help USAID save time and money, and also work with new partner organizations to implement programs. Mobilizing our members, we all work together to be responsive to USAID program goals.

Our successful partnership with USAID boasts over 36 USAID programs worth more than $300 million. Our value for the money and member program excellence have led to nine program expansions.

Leader with Associate (LWA) Procurement Mechanism

VEGA was formed to be a fast and effective way to get programs into the field.

Missions can still apply through June 10, 2017 to use the LWA Procurement Mechanism. Programs awarded under the VEGA LWA can continue for 5 years beyond the July 2017 LWA end-date.

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The series of short videos below underscores the advantages of using the VEGA LWA:


Deep Knowledge of USAID Objectives

We share USAID’s interests in local capacity development because we believe that empowering local people in emerging markets with new skills is the best way to create sustainable change. We work with local overseas partner organizations to build their own capacities to create a multiplier effect, create jobs, and develop economies.

Our members also contribute to USAID’s global initiatives including Feed the Future, Powering Africa, Scaling Innovations, and Global Climate Change.

Our program area highlights encompass the best of USAID’s cross-cutting initiatives and economic growth programs. While our members all contribute to economic growth, we are also able to incorporate their other areas of expertise, such as health or education, into programs.

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An Alliance Achieves Greater Success

VEGA Members often partner to meet a program’s demands, each one contributing their capabilities to the project.

This is what sets VEGA apart from a single organization partner.

By partnering with us, USAID gains access to new and unique combinations of member organizations working together toward the same goal.

The breadth of our members’ expertise allows VEGA LWA programs to easily integrate projects across sectors and avoid stove-piped programming.
VEGA Annual Assembly 2012
VEGA Annual Assembly 2012

VEGA Annual Assembly 2012

Paul Weisenfeld (center) presents VEGA's Volunteer of the Year Award to Mushtaq Memon (left), with Tom Campbell, VEGA Chairman, ex officio (right).



USAID’s Office of Science and Technology co-hosted a brownbag discussion with VEGA on “Scaling Innovation" to share VEGA Member capabilities.