Rapid procurement / LWA

What is the VEGA Leader with Associate (LWA) Award?

VEGA’s LWA is not like other LWAs. When choosing to use the VEGA LWA mechanism, USAID Missions can expect the following benefits: 

  • Fast: 35-day turnaround from receipt of RFA
  • Unique: It is the only USAID mechanism with a competitive internal procurement process among VEGA Member organizations.
  • Flexible: It is an administratively easy mechanism that is highly responsive to Mission needs and there is no award ceiling
  • Cost-Effective: VEGA’s low overhead and use of highly skilled volunteers leverage the USAID dollar
  • Responsive: VEGA’s proposal development process is highly interactive & responsive to Mission directives. USAID representatives are encouraged to participate in proposal reviews.
  • Member NGO’s: VEGA Members have over four decades of experience in 140 countries across the broad spectrum of E3 and BFS requirements
  • Long-term: Programs awarded under the VEGA LWA can continue for 5 years beyond the June 2017 LWA end-date.

Handy Guide to the VEGA LWA Advantage (PDF)

How Long Does it Take?

What is the Process?

VEGA manages two separate competitions: one for implementation among our Members and one for impact evaluation among our M&E Resource Partners.

Mission Representatives are invited to participate on the selection committees for both competitions.

Cost Share

VEGA offers – on average – a 15% cost-share over all programs, but this could rise to 20-25% by drawing more heavily on our talented pool of Volunteers.

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