What Our Partners Say About Us


Andrew Sisson
USAID Mission Director
Sri Lanka

“The Biz+ program is remarkable because it is made up of determined women and men who not only want to succeed but are also committed to seeing their communities improve, That is why a hallmark of Biz+ businesses is their focus on how they can employ, train and partner with their community so that they benefit as a whole. This is how Biz+ is helping to provide war widows, the disabled, survivors of gender-based violence and other vulnerable populations with hope for a brighter tomorrow.”

Bruno Cornelio
Deputy Director
Economic Growth Office
USAID Afghanistan (formerly with USAID Ethiopia)

“Ethiopia, ‘Open for Business’ is more than a catchy saying…you made it happen. VEGA has made a major positive impact on the way the rest of the world does business with Ethiopian firms. Funding of AGOA+ was the best money we ever invested in Ethiopia.” 

Andrew S. Natsios
Former USAID Administrator

“I am committed to utilizing the full capacity of informed, active and knowledgeable volunteers to meet USAID’s goals of increased economic growth in developing and transitional countries.”

Dr. Rajiv Shah
Former USAID Administrator

“We have spent a lot of time listening and learning about how we can do this work better, more effectively. And the number one thing we’ve learned is we need to be more capable of supporting country- owned efforts and building real capacity through our investments around the world.”

David Hale
U.S. Ambassador

“These projects are the perfect kinds of things where the United States can connect with local Lebanese communities so they can fulfill their ambitions and meet their economic needs.”   

Kimberly Bell
Acting Director
USAID Mission Sri Lanka

“It costs a lot of money to move international experts around the world. Here in Sri Lanka we have worked with companies from agricultural to metal working. If we were to hire all of those experts to come on sight without the use of a VEGA Alliance mechanism there’s no way that we would be able to work with that variety. The flexibility of the VEGA volunteer mechanism allows you to really pinpoint that accurately and get the right people in country to do the work that you need.”

Anna Bogdanova
Ukraine CAP AOR
Office of Economic Growth
USAID Mission for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

“I was pleased that USAID was able to identify a qualified implementer fast. VEGA met and exceeded my expectations and the VEGA team was very responsive. I would seriously consider using the LWA again.” 


Christopher J. Policinski
President and CEO
Land O’Lakes, Inc.

“VEGA helps USAID to ramp up programs quickly and then implement them cost-effectively. For example, it took only 50 days from receipt of a program description from USAID for VEGA to tender, compete and initiate USAID’s Powering African Agriculture program, which is assisting Kenya and other countries along the Rift Valley to tap into their impressive geothermal resources for productive uses. Also, by integrating highly skilled volunteers into each program, VEGA has saved USAID and U.S. taxpayers more than $28 million since its inception.”

Jane Podolosky
Senior Program Manager

“Volunteers are hands-on with host organizations….transferring specific technologies that help farmers improve their agricultural products.”


Muhammed Sanoon
Managing Director
East Lanka Polysack (Pvt) Ltd.

“When we started this business it was very challenging to attract investors or to get banks to finance our business because demand for these polysacks really went down. That’s when volunteers came from the US and helped us to properly plan our financial forecast to the bank and succeeding in securing a loan. We are really happy to have a partnership with USAID VEGA BIZ+ because without them the starting of this business would have been impossible. With their support we have succeeded and we have provided 100 plus jobs and are really happy.”

Ali Osman
Natabo Farmer Association
South Sudan

“From the training conducted by AMED, I learned how to carry out proper farm management including costing my expenses and calculating profit and loss. Previously, I used to work randomly but now I am more organized. I have even built a small hut for the farmworkers at the garden so that they can maximize time spent tending the crops.”

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