Resources from USAID Office of Inspector General Oversight Roundtable

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These resources were originally published by and created for the USAID OIG Roundtable. 

According to the USAID OIG: “In June 2017, the United Nations estimated that $23.5 billion would be needed to assist a record 141 million people in 37 countries who are affected by natural disasters and war. To help those in need, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) works through implementing partners to procure and distribute humanitarian assistance such as emergency food, healthcare, shelter protection, water, sanitation, and other relief commodities. Abuse of this funding through fraud and corruption has become a central issue in humanitarian financing – a trend that generates waste and ultimately compromises the integrity of principled humanitarian assistance. The USAID Office of Inspector General (OIG) is committed to proactively addressing these issues of fraud, corruption, and programmatic weaknesses and inefficiencies in order to focus on strengthening USAID’s ability to manage and deliver effective foreign assistance.”

On July 24, 2018, VEGA Managing Director of Communications and Advocacy Angela Canterbury attended USAID’s OIG Oversight Roundtable. The roundtable shared presentations on fraud and corruption risks, lessons learned from humanitarian operations, methods to monitor and report sexual exploitation and abuse, and strategies for preventing diversions to designated terrorists and armed groups. View some of these resources below, and click here to view more resources on preventing sexual exploitation and assault.

USAID OIG Compliance and Fraud Prevention Handbook

Presentation: Fraud Trends & Risks in Humanitarian Settings

Presentation: Diversion to Terrorist and Armed Groups