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Volunteer Profile: Donald Saxinger

  • Volunteer Profile: Donald Saxinger

Donald Saxinger, from Arlington, Virginia, has volunteered on at least 15 different occasions with Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) in eight different countries. During his time in Albania, Saxinger evaluated the procedures and functioning of the new Bank of Albania Office of Operational and IT Risk and conducted on-the-job training with new IT examiners. While in Iraq, Saxinger provided the Central Bank of Iraq with a roadmap and training for implementing their first ever supervision of bank information technology systems.

Saxinger also wrote documents for the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) with specific, actionable recommendations on how to carry out on-site examination of bank information technology controls. These helped the CBL’s Banking Supervision Department examine the IT systems at banks, as well as provide more concrete guidance and benchmarks for its own supervisors during bank examinations that include an IT component.

Donald Saxinger currently serves as the lead developer of the FDIC’s IT examination standards and procedures, IT examiner education, and IT examination oversight. He is also a member of the FFIEC IT Examination Handbook working group which publishes the interagency guidance and examination procedures for various IT, payment, and operational risk areas.

Saxinger has authored or contributed to various regulatory policies such as recent policies on business continuity and pandemic planning, authentication, identity theft, spyware, outsourcing, and other emerging technologies.