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John Turner: VEGA Volunteer of the Year 2016

  • John Turner: VEGA Volunteer of the Year 2016

John Turner
VEGA Volunteer of the Year 2016

Nominating Member: Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC)


Since participating in one of Financial Services Volunteer Corp (FSVC)’s inaugural projects in East Africa in 2012, John has served as a volunteer expert for nine different projects in just over the past five years.  He has spent the equivalent of 137 days volunteering or preparing for FSVC projects and has trained 196 beneficiaries from public and private sector institutions in East Africa. 

One of his significant contributions to FSVC’s programs and the EAC reform needs in the pension sector has been his support for the development of a regional pension product for the informal sector.  This work has the potential to provide pension savings products to informal segments of the EAC that have previously been un-reachable by government-funded social security schemes and corporate -funded pension funds.  In 2015, John also helped the East and Central African Social Security Administration (ECASSA) develop a training curriculum on the international practices in pension and social security management, investment and regulation. He conducted the first training in March 2016, and future training programs will be incorporated into the overall curriculum of ECASSA.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-09-30-amMr. Turner’s commitment to support the EAC’s reform process over the past five years has created significant impact on the recipients that he has trained and the counterparts that he has served.  Mr. Turner developed an affiliation for the African continent at an early age, when he lived there as a child.  Throughout his career and his life, he endeavored to be able to work to help the people of Africa, and his involvement with the FSVC program in East Africa has allowed him to fulfill that goal.  Mr. Turner has become a confidant and resource for the EAC that they have come to trust, as they continue to reform their financial sector. 

As the Director of the Pension Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., John Turner serves as an international pension and social security consultant to international public and private sector institutions, having previously served at the U.S. Labor Department, the U.S. Social Security Administration, the AARP Public Policy Institute and the International Labor Office of Geneva, Switzerland.