Julie Cerqueira: Creating a Young Professionals Committee

Julie volunteered in Indonesia through IIE/EMDAP.
  • Story Snapshot

  • Country: Indonesia
  • VEGA Lead Member: Institute of International Education (IIE)
  • Volunteers: Julie has always worked to protect the environment and her current focus is climate change. In the video on the right, she emphasizes the need for policy reforms and financial mechanisms in Indonesia to catalyze private investments in the environmental sector. She emphasizes that “the government and the private sector have to be partners in order to really achieve change, to drive that.” Julie created a new committee in Jakarta called the Young Professionals Committee that served to bring in more diversified perspectives as well as expand the membership of the original committee.
Julie Cerqueira - EMDAP Adviser Indonesia

Former EMDAP (Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program) Adviser Julie Cerqueira details her experience in Indonesia and how it has has impacted her career and others.

Julie Cerqueira volunteered with the Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program (EMDAP) which places highly talented and motivated individuals in host organizations to support economic growth around the world. In Indonesia, where Julie was based from 2009-2010,EMDAP is part of USAID’s program “Support Strengthening Business Associations for Reform (SEBAR) which is helping facilitate public-private economic partnerships.

“As these organizations grow it’s really important to get the perspective of young professionals, the perspective of women. Each of these groups has so much to contribute, that I think an organization is really stronger, more innovative when it has all these different perspectives.”–Julie Cerqueira