Micah Lund: Promoting a Better Business Environment in Uzbekistan

Promoting a regular dialogue between the government of Uzbekistan and the private industry in order to contribute to a better business environment.
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  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • VEGA Lead Member: Institute of International Education (IIE)
  • Objective: The Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program (EMDAP) targeted assistance supports USAID's strategy of building local capacity through innovative and sustainable assistance by transferring knowledge to local organizations and individuals. The goal of this volunteer assignment was to facilitate new, and support existing, public private dialogue to improve the business environment in support of increased trade and investment and economic development.
Quarter 2 Report - Micah Lund2

EMDAP Adviser, Micah Lund, participating at a 'Development Dialogue' round-table discussion at the Center for Economic Research (CER) in Tashkent. January 2013.

Quarter 2 Report - Micah Lund3

EMDAP Adviser, Micah Lund, consulting with the Board of Directors of AmCham regarding AmCham's future role in Uzbekistan. March 2013.

2014.03 RT w John Fay

EMDAP Adviser, Micah Lund, poses with representatives of the US Embassy in Uzbekistan, USAID, AmCham, and the US Economic Attache to Turkey, Mr. John Fay, following an AmCham-sponsored round table discussion. March 2014.

2013.07.11 Vision Presentation copy

EMDAP Adviser, Micah Lund, addresses AmCham members at the organization's Interim General Assembly meeting. July 2013.

Quarter 2 Report - Micah Lund4

AmCham's Trade & Investment Committee, led by EMDAP Adviser to Uzbekistan, discusses the business environment in Uzbekistan at a round table event hosted by Carlsberg Uzbekistan. April 2013.

Quarter 3 Report - Micah Lund1

EMDAP Adviser, Micah Lund, participates at a round table discussion on customs regulations, organized jointly by AmCham / USAID and the Customs Committee of Uzbekistan. June 2013.

micahMicah Lund
Interim Director, Oasis Agro
Location: Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Career Summary:Micah volunteered with the Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program (EMDAP) which places highly talented and motivated individuals in host organizations to support economic growth around the world.
Area(s) of Expertise: Capacity building, grant writing, entrepreneurship
Education:MBA, Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies – Fisher Graduate School of International Business
Language(s) Spoken:Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Russian

Name of project: Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program (EMDAP)
Volunteer Assignment and Impact: Micah experienced tangible impact of his work when The American Chamber of Commerce (AmChan) in Uzbekistan hosted an open house gathering at its new office location on August 27. This happened to be Micah’s final evening in Uzbekistan and it exhibited a new chapter in AmCham’s role as a medium for advocacy and support to private business.

The office includes a large conference room, which is ideal for in-house discussions and more frequent/effective committee activities. The office is just a piece of the larger picture; however, as Micah bridged AmCham’s activities with that of its members (through on-site meetings and dialogue) and GOU-connected stakeholders (CER, Uztadbirkoreksport, CCIU, IFMR). This was intended to lay a foundation for future cooperation and dialogue and lent credibility to AmCham as an organization. Furthermore, the briefing reports have served to fill a gap in the public forum for realistic information on the business environment. Already, the briefings have been requested by the Israeli embassy, British embassy, AMBiT, and others for use in business consulting activities.