Ways to Support VEGA

The Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance is seeking new partnerships and funders for our programs. Our alliance provides access to a one-stop-shop where partners can take advantage of the speed with which we put programs into the field, our strong commitment to monitoring and evaluation, and the breadth of our members’ programs in over 80 developing countries around the world.

To support our efforts to achieve economic growth for developing countries, you can get involved in a number of ways.

What We Offer

aidtoartisans_Haiti-Aveda-04With a proven track record of helping our members implement successful programs, VEGA is poised to be your innovative partner to seek new solutions to set goals. We work with a broad-based network of 29 international NGO’s that all incorporate highly skilled expert volunteers into their programs. By utilizing our network of volunteers and VEGA’s regulatory oversight, you ensure that your program is completed within the budget and meets its impact requirements.

  • Extensive network of highly skilled and passionate volunteer experts
  • Commitment to program monitoring and evaluation
  • Help designing a program to support your business objectives
  • Ability to mobilize the resources of 29 Member NGO’s
  • Promotion of program successes

VEGA promotes its program successes within the development community and beyond, through events, webinars, blogs, social media, newsletters, and more. We will help to ensure that your successes are shared, and that lessons learned from your programs are replicated.

We can help you to increase economic opportunities in emerging markets that help to satisfy your business objectives.

Become a Funding Partner

You have the opportunity to contract with VEGA to design and implement a program. Many companies find that developing economies creates new markets for their businesses, or complements their corporate social responsibility activities. We can work with you on a program that utilizes our network of highly skilled professional volunteers. Please contact Michael Deal to discuss the possibilities.

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Make a Donation

Support VEGA’s activities with a contribution to our organization. Your donation will be used to support our programs in other countries.