Since women make up a growing percentage of business owners and entrepreneurs, we are committed to creating economic opportunities for women and girls. Our programs include components that can be tailored especially for the unique needs of female entrepreneurs, business leaders, students, farmers, community activists, and educators.
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 Women are playing a critical role to further economic development in emerging countries.

We believe that including and empowering women will increase women’s self-sufficiency, build stronger communities, and build stronger economies.

Promoting equal access to resources and opportunities for both men and women is a mission that lies at the forefront of all VEGA programs.

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Our members are leaders in implementing cross-cutting gender programs that stretch across regions and sectors. Our members unique qualifications to support women include:

  • Securing scholarships, job placement, and leadership training programs
  • Supporting women farmers and entrepreneurs, including access to business skills training, mentors, loans, grants, and formation of women’s professional associations

  • Promoting human rights, land title rights, and women’s access to legal processes and law enforcement, including the prevention of domestic violence and human trafficking
  • Increasing women’s access to trade and providing financial services to women
  • Promoting participation in the tourism, natural resource, and handicraft sectors advances women’s roles in civil society.

Francisco Hernandez (right), EMDAP advisor to the Jordan National Forum for Women

Case Study

IIE – EMDAP Jordan

Case Study Summary – This case study focuses on local capacity development for gender integration in the work of the Institute for International Education (IIE) through its management of the Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program (EMDAP).

This research documents IIE’s experience with the assignment of EMDAP volunteers to women’s associations which serve women’s microenterprise and entrepreneurial needs.

The EMDAP experience provides valuable lessons on what is needed for successful gender integration into USAID capacity development programs.

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Awarding the participants of the Pm training

Case Study

IRPF – Uganda

Case Study Summary – This case study focuses on local capacity development for gender integration in the work of VEGA-Member, the International Real Property Foundation (IRPF), with its partner the Association of Real Estate Agents of Uganda (AREA-Uganda or AREA).

It describes the success of the IRPF-AREA partnership in developing AREA’s capacity to integrate gender into its policies and activities, as well as lessons learned that can be scaled up or replicated in this and other programs.

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Land O’Lakes Int’l Dev. Tanzania Dairy Development Program

Case Study

Land O’Lakes IDD – Kenya

Case Study Summary – Seventy-five percent of Tanzania’s population is rural, and reliant on agriculture and livestock. In Tanzania, women’s roles in this sector are expanding through the Tanzania Dairy Development Program (TDDP) and improving women’s livelihoods and opportunities for economic growth. The case study focuses on local capacity development for gender integration in the work of Land O’Lakes International Development with its partners, the Tanzania National Artificial Insemination Center and local dairy cooperatives.

This research documents the success of Land O’Lakes IDD in developing capacity for gender integration and lessons learned which can be scaled up or replicated in other programs.

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