From advances in clean energy technologies to mobile phones, VEGA Members use new technologies throughout our programs. Not only do we use innovative approaches to reach program objectives, volunteers stay in touch with their in-country counterparts using online tools so that the exchange of information continues beyond a project’s end.
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Current Technologies

By using the most up-to-date and accessible technologies, especially mobile technologies, business entrepreneurs can market, sell and increase production for their expanding enterprises.

Expert Volunteers

Technology experts in the VEGA network teach communities how to be digitally independent by expanding private enterprise with innovative, appropriate, and affordable information and communication technologies.

Comprehensive Approach

From establishing and training IT teams to install new software, to  developing and improving agency-wide technology systems to improve productivity, to developing mobile money systems, our programs make diverse and innovative contributions to businesses.

The key ingredient is that all of our technological skills training will reflect our economic growth priorities.

Ideas that Work

We have helped farmers get new equipment, factories install new production pieces, ministry officials gain access to new computer programming, and even helped create innovative clean energy solutions for agriculture production.

We are open to creative ideas while we share our own lessons learned about innovations and technologies that work.

Class Shot

Case Study

GBSN – Nigeria

Case Study Summary – The Global Business School Network (GBSN) became the strategic advisory partner of the Enterprise Development Center (EDC) in Nigeria had to design an unprecedented model utilizing a faculty blend of professional academics and practicing entrepreneurs to adapt business curricula to the local environment, establish a fee-based certification program, and train additional trainers in order to replicate the networks and programs in other regions of the country.

It has scaled up successfully in Nigeria, and the EDC model is being replicated in six universities in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

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