We believe that tapping into local knowledge and engaging people within existing systems increases local accountability and therefore ownership, which leads to a more sustainable return on investment. All of VEGA’s programs help to build the capacity of local partner organizations and individuals.
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VEGA Members have a strong track record of supporting and strengthening local institutions.

They have done everything from helping farm cooperatives get their members discounts on seed to working with bank supervisors to guarantee the safety and soundness of their nation’s financial institutions.
Our members foster stronger, more resilient, and more capable organizations in the countries they serve.

To ensure maximum impact for USAID Mission APSs, VEGA consultants and volunteers offer training and advice to local recipient organizations, putting them on a sound business footing by strengthening their financial, procurement, and administrative structures.

We are well-versed
in USAID’s model for Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD). Therefore, we try to identify fundamental causes of performance gaps in host country partner institutions, and address those gaps through a wide array of performance solutions.

Program activities can include:

  1. Establishing written policies and procedures;
  2. Improving financial management systems to handle donors’ funds
  3. Designing accounting processes and workflows;
  4. Training implementing partner staff on new policies and technologies
  5. Providing program oversight and monitoring, including compiling and sharing data that shows progress toward targeted results.