VEGA uses a participatory, stakeholder-driven approach to expand opportunities for investment and growth, especially in industries with high levels of micro/small/medium-sized enterprise involvement.
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VEGA is in the unique position to engage multiple Members on projects to target every step of the value chain.  This approach benefits specific interventions because it matches local industry needs with an organization’s key expertise.

Alliance programs benefit from these partnerships.

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VEGA’s Members have decades of experience in supporting value chain development in a broad set of sectors and industries.

Hundreds of successful programs in virtually every continent have allowed our members to fine-tune their approaches and share best practices with the development community.

VEGA Members provide volunteer technical assistance in a huge variety of agricultural value chains.
Wherever people are growing coffee, cucumber, eggplant, horseradish, moringa, pearl millet, poultry, small ruminants and hundreds of other crops and livestock animals, our members are helping out.