By engaging with young adults and offering them educational and training opportunities, we prepare them to become business leaders and improve their own economies. In countries trapped by cycles of poverty and conflict, generating employment and enabling youth to focus on long-term education and career development goals can help to break the cycles.
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VEGA’s youth and workforce development projects have involved close collaboration with host country ministries of education and labor, vocational training institutes, associations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, and private businesses.

Our members have particular expertise in developing technology platforms that benefit young people, allowing them spaces to share research, information, and ideas.

Empower Youth

By tapping youth’s creativity and energy and expanding their opportunities, our programs help young people make powerful contributions to create more stable and thriving communities.

Higher Education

We can help conceptualize, design, and implement projects, and provide direct and indirect support to activities vital to an organization’s strategic objectives in higher education, and workforce development.


Nearly all programs include youth components and many programs focus on youth exclusively. We know that creating opportunities for youth is an important way to reduce social unrest, and foster stabilization in post-conflict and natural disaster-stricken regions.

VEGA youth programs include:

  • Business skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and technology training
  • Small grants and microfinance loans for young entrepreneurs
  • Vocational training and career development services
  • Youth-oriented agricultural and tourism value chain interventions
  • Conservation education and employment programs (e.g., coral reef restoration and 
tree planting)
  • Apprenticeship and internship placements
  • Team sports, summer camps, leadership conferences, and exchange programs to 
help youth develop skills and re-enter formal education
  • Community volunteerism
  • Scholarships