VEGA Members Write Letter of Support to USAID Acting Administrator

By , Communications and Advocacy Associate

On March 14, VEGA Members sent a letter to USAID Acting Administrator Wade Warren requesting his urgent assistance in continuing to partner with VEGA to integrate highly skilled volunteers into programs that empower the disadvantaged and increase economic opportunity throughout the developing world.

VEGA Members wrote that the uniquely competitive VEGA LWA allows USAID to get the very best programming and technical assistance our volunteer-sending NGOs have to offer through an independently competed process that also allows full-scale economic growth programs to get up and running three times faster than the average USAID procurement process.

The VEGA approach adds more competition, transparency, oversight and accountability than other similar funding models, while not sacrificing flexibility and results.

Members noted that they are deeply concerned that VEGA is set to end on June 10, 2017 unless it is extended under Administrator Warren’s authority. When USAID Administrator Raj Shah previously extended the VEGA LWA nearly three years ago, he noted:

The VEGA program is strategically necessary” and that extending the VEGA LWA and increasing the ceiling “is in the best interest of USAID because the volunteer consortium is unique to the Agency, supports many small U.S. businesses, and provides a nimble response to global development needs.The incumbent organization was established specifically to meet USAID’s objectives for this initiative.

VEGA Members also noted the constraints our current ceiling has on USAID field missions, limiting their choices and preventing them from partnering with VEGA.

For the past several months, VEGA has been in the unfortunate position of having to turn away missions that already have too few options for timely procurement.

VEGA Members concluded by respectfully requesting that Administrator Warren move swiftly to address growing demand from field missions by extending the VEGA LWA and lifting the ceiling entirely so that this efficient and effective funding mechanism and VEGA can continue to serve the American people and partners around the globe.

To read the full letter, click here.