We believe that America’s greatest resource is its people, and in its efforts to help other countries develop, the United States should harness Americans’ wonderful spirit of volunteerism.

The Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) is a 501(c)3 organization that brings together its Members to implement economic growth projects overseas. All of our members incorporate highly-skilled volunteers into most or all of their programs. VEGA Member organizations have implemented over 25,000 volunteer assignments in 140 countries over the past 50 years

Drawing on its network of over 100,000 volunteers, VEGA recruits, trains, places and supports skilled volunteers who provide management and technical assistance to micro, small and medium size enterprises, agribusinesses, financial institutions, educational institutions, NGOs, local governments, central ministries, advocacy organizations, associations, and communities – all who benefit from this highly effective form of foreign assistance and citizen diplomacy.

Leveraging volunteer skills and spirit is not a new activity for us. Volunteerism was the driving force of the creation of VEGA and its Member organizations, and it continues to be both a core value and unique asset.