Mid-Career Programs


IIE’s Emerging Markets Development Adviser Program (EMDAP):

Through EMDAP, U.S. graduate students and recent graduates with non-profit, business, private sector, public policy, and international relations related backgrounds provide technical assistance and support to local organizations by addressing needs in economic growth, education, health, youth & development, humanitarian assistance and other technical areas. Through 12 month work assignments, Advisers support USAID’s strategy of building local capacity through innovative and sustainable assistance by transferring knowledge to local organizations and individuals EMDAP has placed 254 Advisers in 50 countries since 1992. Advisers have been recruited from 91 top graduate schools based on their expertise, communication skills, adaptability, leadership qualities, and analytic and problem‐solving capabilities.

MBAs without Borders (MWB):

A Signature Initiative of PYXERA Global, MWB matches experienced MBA graduates to skill-based, pro bono consulting assignments in emerging and frontier markets. From designing business plans and conducting strategic analyses to launching marketing campaigns and introducing innovative products, MWB Advisors serve as integral members of their client’s team, working collaboratively to address key client or community challenges. Since 1990, PYXERA Global has placed over 1,000 MBA Advisors on 3-12 month assignments in 62 countries.