Alliance Expertise

Agriculture & Food Security

VEGA Members have a commitment to sharing agricultural expertise to create opportunities that improve food security in developing countries. Many of our programs have an agricultural component. We get involved at many stages of the agricultural production process. Read more »

Enterprise Development

Many of our programs aim to help establish small producers, enable them to grow, and integrate them into markets and value chains. To do this, VEGA is also helping to give enterprises access to finance, insurance, technology, business services, and business networks. Read more »

Energy & Environment

VEGA supports the care and management of earth’s natural resources. Our work in this area supports the health of the planet while striving toward our objectives to increase people’s food and incomes. Read more »

Financial Services

Whether working directly on financial services through a bank or regulatory program or assisting entrepreneurs to microfinance or socially-responsible impact capital, VEGA programs are moving individuals and businesses to the formal financial sector. Read more »

Tourism Development

Our alliance offers the cross-sectoral experience we believe is necessary for successful tourism development programs. We believe that by using the “value chain approach” to building sustainable tourism industries, we will achieve the best results. This approach involved facilitating public-private partnerships between stakeholders. Read more »

Trade & Investment

We help businesses to become more competitive by setting up opportunities for them to gain access to new investors and sales. Our interventions inform and affect national policies to improve trade and investment in local businesses. Read more »