Women’s Economic Empowerment

Since women make up a growing percentage of business owners and entrepreneurs, we are committed to creating economic opportunities for women and girls. Our programs include components that can be tailored especially for the unique needs of female entrepreneurs, business leaders, students, farmers, community activists, and educators. Read more »

Inclusive Market Systems

Collaboration across a range of partners – international development organizations, businesses and business associations, civil society organizations, government entities, and investors – is the best way to develop inclusive systems. Read more »

Innovation & Technology

From advances in clean energy technologies to mobile phones, VEGA Members use new technologies throughout our programs. Not only do we use innovative approaches to reach program objectives, volunteers stay in touch with their in-country counterparts using online tools so that the exchange of information continues beyond a project’s end. Read more »

Local Capacity Development

We believe that tapping into local knowledge and engaging people within existing systems increases local accountability and therefore ownership, which leads to a more sustainable return on investment. All of VEGA’s programs help to build the capacity of local partner organizations and individuals. Read more »

Post-Conflict Countries

VEGA plays an important role in President Obama’s national security strategy by implementing programs to spur economic growth and job creation in crisis and post-conflict countries. Read more »

Public Private Alliances

Having worked with the USAID for over ten years, as well as other government agencies, we are in a unique position to bring multiple parties together under one program agreement. Read more »

Value Chains

VEGA uses a participatory, stakeholder-driven approach to expand opportunities for investment and growth, especially in industries with high levels of micro/small/medium-sized enterprise involvement. Read more »

Youth & Employment

By engaging with young adults and offering them educational and training opportunities, we prepare them to become business leaders and improve their own economies. In countries trapped by cycles of poverty and conflict, generating employment and enabling youth to focus on long-term education and career development goals can help to.  Read more »