Winrock Joins Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 ‘Partnership of Champions’

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This article was originally posted at Winrock International here.

Winrock International is proud to announce it has joined the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 (TFA 2020), a global public-private partnership that brings together governments, companies and civil society organizations to reduce deforestation in tropical forest countries.

“This impressive alliance is rightly called a ‘partnership of champions.’ We are excited to join TFA 2020 as a key partner committed to deforestation-free supply chains,” says Robert O’Sullivan, deputy senior director of Winrock’s environment group. “Winrock works hard to find practical and sustainable solutions to deforestation around the world. We look forward to building on that legacy with TFA 2020.”

TFA 2020 fosters collaboration to reduce tropical deforestation associated with the sourcing of palm oil, soy, beef, paper and pulp. In doing so, TFA 2020 reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves livelihoods of smallholder farmers, protects natural resources, and delivers sustainable and inclusive rural economic development.

Winrock is a global leader in tracking and assessing the impacts of deforestation, with expertise in developing solutions for combating deforestation through public and private partnerships. In Indonesia and Ghana, the conflict between commodity production and deforestation is particularly striking. In Indonesia, Winrock and its partners are creating tools to allow governments and the private sector to monitor the impact of commodity production and determine actions to increase sustainability. In Ghana, Winrock is actively collaborating with USAID and the private sector on a pilot project to improve tenure security and develop a financial model to rehabilitate cocoa farms to increase productivity while reducing damage to forests. Winrock has also provided technical assistance in the development of several national and subnational REDD+ programs to protect and restore forests in Chile, Ghana, Guatemala, Guyana and Liberia.

A significant focus of Winrock’s work is improving efficiency, transparency and sustainability of supply chains to improve livelihoods and natural resource management. Winrock has contributed valuable research to support and strengthen efforts to generate deforestation-free supply chains through public-private partnerships, including this report, available at, which identifies areas of cooperation between companies and nations.

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